Logistics Papers


CONAMIN XIII - National Mining Conference Organizing Committee would like to invite you to submit your Abstract on topics related to mining logistics that entail innovations with human, material, environmental and economic impacts; mainly related to:

1. Warehouses and Inventory:

  • Inventory management and optimization.

2. Innovation and Technology:

  • Continuous improvement for supply chain.
  • Suppliers’ development.

3. Planning and Management:

  • Strategical planning of materials.
  • Management and complementation with contractors and the services provided.
  • BSC applied to mining logistics.

4. Information value:

  • Information exchange possibilities between buyers and vendors.
  • Value of shared information and supply chains coordination.

5. Human Contribution:

  • Role and Contribution from Logistics professional: New challenges and responsibilities.
  • Negotiation in mining logistics.

Note: An individual, company or entity may submit more than one abstract. Each abstract will be treated as an independent application.

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